Adam Wingard To Adapt ‘Event Horizon’ Into TV Series For Amazon | TV News

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Adam Wingard To Adapt ‘Event Horizon’ Into TV Series For Amazon | TV News


A new adaptation of Paul W.S. Anderson‘s 1997 sci-fi horror Event Horizon is in the works. Amazon and Paramount Television are teaming up with Adam Wingard (You’re Next, Blair Witch) for a TV adaptation of the horror film. Wingard will exectuive produce and direct the series.


The original film revolved around the crew of a rescue ship seeking answers to what happened to another ship that had an experimental gravity drive onboard. It turns out that the ship went to a hell dimension and brought hell back with it. At the time of release, the film was sort of forgotten. But it’s since become quite well received, and even those that don’t like it agree that the premise is top notch.


That’s probably a major reason why Amazon is moving forward with a TV adaptation. A sci-fi series where a crew comes face-to-face with hell? Who isn’t at least somewhat intrigued by that?


As Collider pointed out though, Amazon have a history of cutting ties with shows very early. Unless a series becomes a major hit, Amazon is quick to pull the plug, usually after two seasons. Fans and viewing numbers don’t really factor in, it’s all just valuable content.


Thus, can Event Horizon either become a hit show (possible, but unlikely) or wrap its narrative in two seasons? Amazon are probably hoping for something similar to Netflix’s The Haunting Of Hill House, but Event Horizon will have to be a hit immediately for them to show faith. And Amazon’s marketing department hasn’t been nearly as good at pushing new shows as Netflix’s have.


We’ll have to wait and see whether Event Horizon becomes a breakout star like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, or falls by the wayside like Hand Of God, Lore, or any number of similar shows.



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