Adele Gets All Kinds Of Weird For A Prank On ‘Ellen’ | TV News

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Adele Gets All Kinds Of Weird For A Prank On ‘Ellen’ | TV News

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We all knew she had a great voice, but what we didn’t know is that Adele is quite the prankster! The singer agreed to lead one of Ellen DeGeneres’ famous pranks, and the employees of Jamba Juice were in for a very insane treat.


While DeGeneres is typically giving Adele directions through an earpiece, the singer is taking the prank to a whole other level. At first, she tries to figure out the concept of Jamba Juice and after the employee explains, she asks for a “large smoothie in a small cup”. Of course, everything gets downright crazy from there.


There are a lot of things that probably confused the poor employee, like when Adele started chopping and swallowing grass in front of him! Or when she refused to pay because she’s a celebrity – obviously! To be fair, there were all sorts of strange things in that bag BUT money.


Now why don’t we watch this over and over until a director finally decides to cast this woman in a comedy show! See for yourselves below:




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