Adele – Hello | Music Video

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Adele – Hello | Music Video



It’s here! Adele has released the video for her new single “Hello” and it is wonderful. It’s been 3 years since Adele’s last single and she apologised for the delay in an open letter earlier this week and stated that “life happened“. But all is forgiven though as her new song is beautiful and very emotional. The video is in black and white which gives it an extra edge and Adele’s acting skills are spot on through out.


The only issue I have with the video is that there’s a man that speaks in the background every now and again that’s kind of off putting, especially since you can’t hear what he’s saying, but you still strain to see if you can hear him and it pulls you away from Adele singing. That said it is a powerful song and I’d be shocked if it didn’t do well in the charts.


Adele is officially back! Watch the video below.




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