Adult Eddie & Stanley Have Been Cast For ‘IT: Chapter Two’ | Film News


The much-anticipated adult version of the Losers Club continues to come together for IT: Chapter Two. Having already added Jessica Chastain as Beverly, James McAvoy as Bill and Bill Hader as Ritchie, two new adult cast members have been added to the film. First, playing Eddie in Andy Muschietti‘s sequel will be James Ransone.


Ransone is well known in the horror community for starring in films such as Sinister, Family Blood, and In A Valley Of Violence. While not as big of a star as the previously announced cast, getting an experienced horror actor on board is a smart move, and Ransone also closely resembles Jack Dylan Grazer, who portrayed Eddie in the first film.


In addition to Ransone, Andy Bean will be taking on the role of the neurotic Stanley. He’s best known for his roles in HBO’s Here And Now and the Starz series, Power. Still in need of adult casting are the roles of Ben Hanscom, Mike Hanlon and Henry Bowers.


The film will pick up twenty seven years after the events of the first chapter, where the grown up Losers Club must return to the small town of Derry in order to face their demons and defeat Pennywise (a returning Bill Skarsgard) once and for all. The child actors from the first film will also appear in the sequel in flashbacks.


Production on the film is set to begin this summer, and IT: Chapter Two is currently scheduled for a September 6, 2019 release.



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