‘Adventure Time’ Movie In Development With Warner Brothers | Film News


TV animation Adventure Time has racked up a huge fan following since it’s beginning in 2010. Created by Pendleton Ward, the show follows the adventures of human boy Finn (Jeremy Shada) and his adoptive bother, Jake The Dog (John DiMaggio) as they serve and protect the residents of The Land of Ooo. Sounds nuts, right? It pretty much is but apparently it works, because now the feature film has been picked up and is being developed at Warner Bros.


Deadline confirms the news that the Cartoon Network series will be bagging its own movie but no word yet as to who will helm the project. It’s said that Ward will have a hand in writing and producing the flick, with Cartoon Network Studios having an involvement also. Other producers include Chris McKay and Roy Lee, despite commitments to The Lego Batman Movie for McKay and Ninjago for Lee.


Source: Deadline 



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