AGAT – Turn The Wheel | Music Video


Tel Aviv artist Agat has recently released a new video for her refreshing new track titled “Turn the Wheel”. This song will be featured in the artist’s debut album New Under The Sun, which was produced by Nir Horowitz and is scheduled to be published in December 2019. Moreover, this track follows the release of “I’ve Done It Again”, which has already gained a great success.


Agat’s music involves electronic influences and such inspirations as David Bowie, Chris Cornell and Mike Patton. In particular, “Turn the Wheel” perfectly represents the artist’s music style, blending together electronic sounds, catchy rhythm and seductive vocals. The song is about the the excitement of taking over one’s own life and about the difficulties that may accompany it.


The video reflects this topic, as it shows the singer tied to another person with a rope. At the end of the video, she manages to recapture the power to direct her own life by freeing herself and running away. Agat inspires her followers by singing: “Sure it might be a long time / Sure it might take a while / For me to finally get there / For me to finally strike”.


While waiting for her new album to come out, watch the new video for “Turn the Wheel” below:




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