Aisha Barrow Project Lifeandthetribe Unveils New Single ‘Type’ | Music News


Gambian-born Hamilton-based Aisha Barrow has just released her brand new single “Type” via her Lifeandthetribe project.


Her trademark is to blend different type of music to create her own type of music. Indeed, she says, “I hate being pinned down by genre; pop can be anything”. Her debut EP Eye Sha, which released in May 2020, was a perfect mix of several types of music as Jazz, Rock, R&B and Pop.


She takes her inspiration from legends such as Janet Jackson and Britney Spears even when, according to her, their genres of R&B and pop are not welcoming to her. Thus, she has a bold, fresh and new sound that draws its inspiration from varying and diverse roots.


“Type” is her first single after her debut EP and it ushers in an introduction to a new era for the singer. According to Lifeandthetribe, “I wrote ‘Type’ during a moment of frustration. I needed a release after scrolling down the timeline and being inundated with messaging that seemed to corroborate the ‘unworthiness’ of dark-skinned black women.


At its essence, this song is about community. While I wrote it as a way to take control of my personal narrative, I know that my experience with colourism is not solely my own. My music is about creating a space in which dark-skinned black women can have fun and be seen in all our multitudes, so I hope with Type they feel just that”.


Aisha Barrow has jumped out for a great future career indeed! Listen to “Type” below:




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