AKS Performs ‘Stay With Me’ Live At Unsigned Music Awards 2016 | Music News



London rapper, AKS, performed at the Unsigned Music Awards 2016, and was unlucky to walk away without a gong himself. However, he did perform onstage with singer, Sincerely Wilson, for a performance of track, “Stay With Me”. This, in turn, is a track from his recent Train Of Thought EP, released end of May. Purchase the EP from iTunes, here.


It opened epic but sedate, like the grand majesty of the opening credits to a slow burning, classic film. The contrast of those sung vocals, set against those raw, impassioned raps, is definitely something worth watching, indeed. They bounced off eachother expertly, knowing when to deliver in unison and when to let eachother shine.


One thing coming to mind when watching this definitely impassioned performance is that it is simply the deejay, his decks and laptop, joining the duo onstage. They eschewed the live band format, very tempting for this sort of live scenario, opting to keep it raw and pure hip-hop. AKS certainly worked the stage, prowling across it to elicit maximum crowd response.




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