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One of the strictest states over abortion, Alabama, is facing a new challenge. In fact, the state provides public funding for this measure only in few cases, such as life endangerment, rape or incest, but this actual law would soon be changed. There would be a replacement with a new one that would forbid abortions in almost every instance and it is scheduled to take effect on November 15.


According to this new law,  abortion would be considered a crime at any stage of pregnancy in almost all cases, with the only exception of serious threat to the health of the woman. It was May when 25 republicans – all white men – voted for the first time the approval of this law. When it seemed like the law would have passed without concerns, a preliminary injunction against the ban has been advanced by a US district judge, who has chosen to challenge the beliefs of the court.


He is Myron Herbert Thompson and it’s not the first time he has decided to stand up for this human right: in 2014 he wrote a 172-page majority opinion striking down a provision of state law restricting abortions. “The court is persuaded that the plaintiffs are likely to succeed in showing that the Act violates an individual’s constitutional right to obtain a pre-viability abortion, and thus that it violates her constitutional rights,” he said on this case.


Alabama is one of at least six other states attempting to challenge the Supreme Court’s decision on Roe V. Wade (1973), a law that aimed to protect a pregnant woman’s liberty to choose to have an abortion without government restriction. The other countries are, at the moment, Ohio, Georgia, Iowa, North Dakota, Kentucky and Mississippi.



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