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Alaska-born singer Jany Green has just released a brand new single titled “Lost In Love”. The track should be also featuring in his next EP, which will also include his last two hit songs! With this rhythmic and energetic vibe to the song, it is perfect for the soon-to-be beginning of summer 2021.


Accompanied by backing singers and a groovy band, the singer motivates everyone through the lyrics to do whatever you feel like, whatever you want, but also to do it with love. Being passionate about what you are doing is important, you have to feel yourself.


We feel like, in this summer song, Jany also talks about personal and professional goals but also what has happened for him in the last few months, with enormous streaming numbers and big campaigns. It’s only good vibes for him apparently and we feel it in the song too.


The track features production from frequent collaborator Ralph Castelli, and was co-written by Jany Green with Jesse Rutherford.


Jany Green was born and raised in Alaska, growing accustomed to the cold, and the cultural isolation, Jany had to work even more to get the right and loyal audience. He started making hip-hop at 11 years old and found himself stuck in a negative loop of rap, so he decided to move to Los Angeles to get a fresh new beginning and have more inspiration. He started writing songs from a more positive space which led him here.


Jany explained how the music came: “I wanted to create something joyful and full of love, and for me, nothing represented that more than my mom; […], and her maiden name, Green. What I hope is that Jany Green can help express positivity, love, and joy for other people, the way that she helps me“.


Jany knows where he is going and with which influences – soul, hip-hop, and feel-good pop. According to NME, “Jany Green’s breezy optimism is providing the perfect antidote to the hellscape of 2020‘.


With that many influences and that unique vibe to his music, this young talent is going to go far with his music, as he is preparing an EP set to come out this summer!


Listen to “Lost In Love” here:




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