Alec Benjamin – Must Have Been The Wind | Music Video


Rising pop star Alec Benjamin has released a new music video to promote “Must Have Been The Wind”, an acoustic, melancholic single he dropped earlier this year.


Benjamin is a 25-year-old singer and songwriter from Phoenix, Arizona. He started his journey into the world of music during his high school years, learning to play the guitar through Youtube video tutorials.


Columbia Records offered him a contract in 2014, but they ended up back-pedalling. However, Benjamin continued working on his music and he started to become very popular on Youtube. In 2016, the artist made his debut on Youtube with his first single, titled “Paper Crown”.


Following his success with many of his previous songs, Benjamin unveiled a brand-new single this year that has been receiving very good critics around the Internet. “Must Have Been The Wind” reveals a worried Benjamin who hears his neighbour crying.


When he asks if everything is fine, she answers with an “I think your ears are playing tricks on you”. Her response doesn’t seem to sound really convincing, as Benjamin keeps singing about “the noise” until the end of the song.


The music video matches perfectly the melody’s pureness and simplicity and underline Benjamin’s smooth vocals, making the story even more heart-breaking. The visuals combine images of the artist laying on his flat’s floor as he keeps wondering about what is going wrong with images of a beautiful classic dance choreography performed by Benjamin’s neighbour at her living room.


Watch the music video for “Must Have Been The Wind” down below:




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