Alex James Reveals Hopes For Blur To Reunite In 2015 | Music News


Blur bassist and lover of all things cheese, Alex James, has revealed his hopes for the Britpop band to reunite next year in Colchester, where the majority of the group grew up, to lauch a Britpop themed exhibition. As part of the exhibition that marks twenty years since Blur faced fellow rivals Oasis for the number 1 top spot with single “Country House”, it seems fitting that the band should regroup where everything started. The exhibition will turn the Firstsite Gallery, which opened in 2011 into the aptly named BlurSite. We’re still yet to hear from Damon Albarn, Graham Coxon and Dave Rowntree however. The band was last seen playing at Coachella last year. You can hear the topic being discussed below.




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