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Singer and songwriter Alex Noelle has just released her new single “Lonely World”, which perfectly merges with the feeling of loneliness we may experience these days.


Alex Noelle grew up in New Jersey and she has developed her passion for music from a young age, focusing on songwriting and playing piano and percussion, adding guitar and ukulele during her college years. With childhood experiences of loss, love and mental health, she found in music a way of healing and eventually decided to pursue a career as a music therapist in Philadelphia.


In 2018, the artist moved to Nashville in order to further develop her music career and she has been regularly performing at local venues. Her tracks often feature relatable lyrics, pure vocals and driving instrumentals which remind of artists such as Hozier and Lake Street Drive.


As she explained, “Lonely World” was born as an apology song that turned into “a message to everyone today to take care of yourself”. In this inspiring track, Noelle’s extraordinary voice blends with pulsating rhythm and heart-felt lyrics reminding the listener that it is okay to need people, especially when the world turns into a lonely place.


The lines “You remind me of someone I still love/I didn’t wanna need you but I do” will immediately grab your mind, so be ready to turn the headphones’ volume up. You will definitely feel less lonely after you listen to “Lonely World”, so take the opportunity to check it out!


Listen to it here:




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