Alexander McQueen Collaborates With Filmmaker Jonathan Glazer For Spring/Summer 2021 Collection | Fashion News


Alexander McQueen, the late British fashion designer was truly one ahead of his times. Nicknamed ‘The Hooligan of English Fashion’ for his lavish and unconventional runway shows, it was without no doubt that Lady Gaga would feature his designs in her ‘Bad Romance’ video.


Ten years since the designer’s passing and his legacy remains intensely strong. The growing number of celebrity patrons and his newest collaboration with arthouse filmmaker Jonathan Glazer for his Spring/Summer 2021 short film titled ‘First Light’ solidifies the brands success.


Although Jonathan Glazer may not have created a fashion film before, he sure does have many credits behind his name such as his arthouse horror titled ‘Under The Skin’ which featured actress Scarlett Johansson.


The opening scene starts on a murky Thames riverbank with no soul around, and it clearly gives recognition to the impact of the Lockdown of London and to some even the look of what a post apocalyptic world could entail.


Throughout the next few scenes of the film we see two entranced models walking through the water in their ball attire, the elements of this scene give a strong sense that something eerie is lurking in the water and it sure does give us some Jack The Ripper vibes.


The powerful aspect of this creative film is that it allows the viewer to interpret the scenes into their own perspective. Some may focus on the dystopian elements that may remind them of films such as the Matrix.


Others see the beauty in the descriptive narrative, focusing on the romantic couple kissing under the bridge or the group of youths in biker attire looking for adventure.


“Shape, silhouette, and volume. The bones of clothing stripped back to its essence – a world charged with emotions and human connection”. These are the words expressed by Sarah Burton when she shares with us what the film is about.


The video for Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2021 presentation is featured below, alongside looks from the captivating video and collection.





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