Alice Ivy + Bertie Blackman – Chasing Stars | New Music


Melbourne producer Alice Ivy has released an exquisite new track “Chasing Stars” that could become the official soundtrack of our Sunday afternoons in 2018.


Ethereal and delicate but with an infectious beat, the single showcases the beat-making talents of Ivy and the award winning voice of singer-songwriter Bertie Blackman. The pair reportedly joined forces when Ivy sent the instrumental to Blackman, persuading the singer to write a melody inspired by the first person to perform a loop-the-loop in an aeroplane, Lincoln Beachey.



The release comes just weeks before Ivy’s debut album I’m Dreaming is set to drop, followed by a quick headline tour around her home country, Australia. That should give her just enough time for a quick nap and a snack before she jets off to Texas for South By Southwest in March where she will join 300 other up and coming artists for one of the largest creative conferences in the world.



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