Alicia Keys And Deepak Chopra Launch Meditation Program Focused On ‘The Divine Feminine’ | Music News


Chopra Global by self-care giant Deepak Chopra has announced a new partnership with singer Alicia Keys for a 21-day meditation program focused on collective healing through accessing “The Divine Feminine” entitled Activating the Divine Feminine: The Path to Wholeness.


For Alicia Keys, her “consistent spiritual practice began about six years ago”, following the birth of her youngest son Genesis Ali. “Like so many new moms, I was exhausted, but the depletion was more than physiological; my spirit was shot. I needed to do something so I could continue to be a good mother to my children, partner to my husband, and friend to myself“, she added.


The 21-Day Meditation Experience franchise was formed in 2013 and has blossomed into a worldwide phenomenon with millions of adherents and meditation groups around the world translated into dozens of languages.


The catalog is presently composed of 19 different programs, including Renew Yourself: Body, Mind & Spirit, a bilingual program, which launched in the summer of 2020 with reggaeton superstar J Balvin.


Speaking about the new program with Alicia Keys, Dr. Deepak Chopra says, “The Divine Feminine is often overlooked or silenced by structures that promote an imbalance of masculine energy. Love, compassion, and receptivity exist at the source of the Divine Feminine and when we allow these energies to emerge in our lives, we create space for nurturing and healing both personally and collectively“.


The Activating the Divine Feminine: The Path To Wholeness program is available for free in The Chopra App. It is a soulful special audio experience that focuses on the reawakening and rebalancing of the inner feminine and masculine powers. This program is intended to restore wholeness and create more joyful and fulfilling lives.



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