All We Are – Keep Me Alive | Music Video


A new song and video has been released by internationally compiled band All We Are. The band who met at university in Liverpool but are made up of Richard from Ireland, Luis from Brazil, and Guro from Norway, have written their album in both Norway and Wales. “Keep Me Alive” is the third professional music video the band have created ahead of their debut LP which will be released on February 2, 2015. The music has a soothing rock-pop sound with a nod-along beat and some great vocals. Director Abbie Stephens said her idea behind the “Keep Me Alive” video emerged from its lyrics: “This track really grabbed me. The lyric “I hear nothing at all but your breathing” struck me as quite chilling and I wanted to make something that reflected this strange beautiful darkness”. All We Are have also just released details of their February tour which you can see here.




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