Alma Twist Collective Unveil New Single ‘Fear’ | Music News


Hampshire-based music collective Alma Twist has released their latest single “Fear”. It’s a song that everyone can relate to as it talks about how feelings of fear and doubt can hold us back in our ambitions and plans.


It also speaks to how to deal with our feelings so that they stop holding us back and become a strength. The whole thing is set in a jazzy and groovy atmosphere with the soulful voice of the frontwoman Katryna Abel leading the track, and the band accompanying it all perfectly.


“I write about navigating my way through life, growing up, learning about myself and exploring ideas about the world around me, philosophically, politically and spiritually”, explained Alma Twist lead singer Katryna Abel about the single.


The worldwide pandemic lockdown has also brought a wave of inspiration to the band. Indeed, their music is inspired by what is happening in the world, so they were served with this period, but also within the podcasts, books, films and media, which they have had time to consume during the past year.


Their group name is also something very much linked with their inspiration and outlook with the word Alma, which means soul in Spanish.


After spending time in Spain panhandling and performing in concert halls, the band returned to England full of inspiration. In the Hampshire countryside, they have been writing and recording a lot of new music which is due to be released throughout 2021.


Listen to “Fear” below:




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