Alt-Pop Trio Prudee Unveil Their Debut Single ‘I Wish You Would’ | Music News


Alt-pop band Prudee have kickstarted the new year releasing their debut single “I Wish You Would” on all streaming platforms. The unsigned trio based in Atlanta, Georgia, is made up of Matthew Heat, Becca VanDerbeck and Noel Goff.


In 2019, they dropped under their solo artist names the throwback anthem “Summertime”, reaching over 3 millions streams in little more than 6 months time.


I Wish You Would” is a song about being tenaciously defiant against detractors. It depicts how the artists managed to change their detractors’ negativity from being disruptive into some powerful fuel helpful for their songwriting.


Prudee’s latest potent track trapezes across different genres: opening with a raucous guitar riff, “I Wish You Would” ranges from rock to hip hop sensibility, delivering a contagious alt-pop single.


After you listen to this intense single, its chorus “tell me I can’t I wish you would” will become a mantra inside your mind. Together with this track’s captivating rhythm and the engaging clapping hands, its lyrics will make you want to listen to it again and again.


“I Wish You Would” is the first of multiple releases from Prudee scheduled from 2020, a year they definitely started in the best way.


Listen to it here:




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