Alternative Hip-Hop Group Soundaze Return With New Single ‘Find Fire’ | Music News


Alternative hip-hop group Soundaze have released their latest single titled “Find Fire”, a four-minute song that will bring you to another dimension while listening to it. With different vocalists and production on point, the single will make you want to dance on it.


The track “Find Fire” is the song that will motivate you in difficult times, with its energy, it is nearly a mantra for the ones in need. Moving on with your life is the best way to go, of course, sacrifices have to be made to get to your goal but you should never lose yourself.


As the first verse goes: “Assume you get your way/ Assume you have your day/ You choose to get away/ But parts of you will stay“. Sometimes ‘finding fire’ is the thing that will give you the motivation and the strength to go for what you want.


The group Soundaze are from Toronto and Los Angeles, and are made up of DayWu Xin on vocals, Redbeard on production, and Love, Pax also on vocals. This is quite a recent group, they started releasing music at the end of 2019.


Hip-hop is their most-used music style but they are always looking for new sounds and different genres to play with. Having made their first album last year, we could maybe expect a second album soon? We will have to wait and see what is next for this alternative group.


Come and listen to the track “Find Fire” right here.




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