Amanda Alexander Shares New Song ‘Modern Lovers’ | Music News


After two years of silence, the Swedish singer Amanda Alexander returned to the microphone to express herself through her music. Her talent was felt at the time with the pop song “LÖRDAG”, but since then she has had to fight some personal struggles, to continue her career.


Ever since I can remember music has been the only thing in my life that has been crystal clear for me, my purpose. So when I started to doubt this my whole world fell apart. I took a step back and did everything I could to get myself back on track“, she wrote on a post on Facebook to mark her return and also a new brillant phase for herself.


Furthermore, her strong character has a lot to teach her audience. With her new track titled “Modern Lovers”, she sings with a pure voice over powerful tabs that track the rythm of the song. It’s a soulful pop track with rather catchy dance vibrations, able to wrap you up instantly.


Moreover, this track is a courageous step, and she seems to have blossomed again, singing of a modern love in which two creative lovers reject society’s expectations in order to protect their relationship from external impositions.


Once you are listening to this song, it is impossible to escape all the different colours and emotions that are evoked in the lyrics, in which her soul vibrates, now freely from any worries.




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