Amanda Bynes Plans To Return To Hollywood | Film News


After years out of the spotlight battling with mental illness and addiction, child star Amanda Bynes has vowed to return to Hollywood to continue her acting career.


Before stepping away from the spotlight, Bynes starred in the likes of She’s The Man, where she portrayed a young girl desperate to play against her school’s rival football team, taking desperate measures to do so by transforming into her brother with makeup and clothing. The film also starred a young Channing Tatum.


She also starred in the 2007 adaptation of the musical, Hairspray, originally a movie, where she played Penny Pingleton, alongside costars Nikki Blonsky and Zac Efron. The actress stole our hearts with her talent, making her downfall that much harder for fans to accept.


But now, Amanda is 4 years sober and feeling healthier than ever, ready to return to her acting career. Although her twitter past still haunts her, and many fans worrying that the spotlight and fame will have severe side effects to her mental and physical health.



In an interview with Paper Magazine, Bynes explains that she’s enjoying studying fashion and marketing, wishing to one day create her own line. However her true passion still lies in acting, expressing that she’d like “to get back into acting first”.



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