Amanda Seyfried Will Play Lead In ‘TED 2’ | Film News

Amanda Seyfried to play lead in ‘TED 2’


Mamma Mia star Amanda Seyfried is set to replace Mila Kunis as the female lead for TED 2. Mila Kunis will appear in the film but will only make brief appearances. It has not been made clear whether Mark Walhberg’s character will still be with Kunis or if Seyfried will be his new partner.


Seth McFarlane, who works on the FOX TV show Family Guy with Mila Kunis, has reassured fans that using Seyfried as the lead is simply a creative decision, and that Kunis and himself still have a good relationship. MacFarlane recently worked with Seyfried on his latest comedy film ‘A Million Ways To Die In The West. TED 2 is set to be released in UK cinemas during the Summer of 2015.



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