Amazon Launches British Remake Of French Series ‘Call My Agent!’ With Kelly Macdonald, Olivia Williams And Helena Bonham Carter | TV News


Actresses Kelly Macdonald, Helena Bonham Carter and Olivia Williams have been announced as guest stars in the English remake of the successful French series Call My Agent!.


As in the French version, the guest stars will play themselves as clients of a talent agency, which will be based in London this time. The story also remains the same as in the French version, where the talent agency, after the death of its founder, tries to keep its prestigious talent list.


The cast of this English version for Amazon has already been announced. We find Lydia Leonard as Alexa (the English version of Andréa Martel) and Jack Davenport as Jonathan, inspired by the role of Mathias Barneville.


Christian Baute, the executive producer, had hoped to make this project for a long time. He had fallen in love with the original version, and to be able to do an adaptation with Amazon is a real privilege.


“I immediately thought it would be a slam dunk in English and I went to speak to TF1. Sometimes people think comedies don’t travel well but when there’s the right mix of comedy and drama and a strong story they absolutely can travel”, he said.


We do not know the release date at the moment, but it is possible that by then, new information about new celebrity stars will be announced and we will share them with you.



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