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After months of speculation and teasing, the online shopping platform Amazon has just unveiled its ‘Luxury Stores‘, launched on their mobile app. Now shopping on a phone can become a luxury experience for customers, and it’s also a new way for high-end brands to offer fashion retail to the enormous customer base that is Amazon’s.


These brands will be able to benefit from Amazon’s so-called “store within a store”, having more control over pricing and inventory, among other advantages. The new interactive way of shopping proposed by Amazon will also give them the chance to propose a 360-degree view on garments to the customers, making the ‘Luxury Stores’ even more unique and unprecedented for the online shopping platform.


Christine Beauchamp, president of Amazon Fashion, states: “We’re excited about creating an elevated and inspiring customer experience, while also infusing innovative technology to make shopping easier and more delightful.


[…] Mobile shopping is incredibly important for our customers. We find that the Amazon fashion customer overwhelmingly shops fashion in the mobile experience, so we began it with mobile, where our customer begins


This new bet has already attracted high-end ready-to-wear brand Oscar de la Renta, and seems like a good opportunity for other luxury brands to get to the 100 million Amazon Prime customers. After achieving their first partnership with Oscar de la Renta opening a shop-to-shop on “Luxury Stores”, Amazon is hoping to lure many more luxury brands.


It you want to start shopping on ‘Luxury Stores’ though, you’ll have to be invited by Amazon to do so. Alternatively, you can ask for an invite, but that’s the only way. We’ll let you check the stores out on Amazon’s mobile app.









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