Amazon Signs Deals With Three Major Indie Studios | Film News


It feels like not a day goes by where we’re not talking about Netflix or Amazon making some waves in the TV world, or increasingly, the film world. Streaming is the future and these two companies have stormed ahead of the pack, waging war to get the bigger slice of the pie. With Netflix’s Original Film output being average at best, and their distribution practices being questioned, Amazon have swooped in.


They’ve signed a first-look deal with Bona Fide Productions, Killer Films and Le Grisbi Productions, three big name indie studios that have brought us the likes of Birdman, Carol and Little Miss Sunshine.


This move comes just three weeks ahead of the Cannes Film Festival, giving Amazon a leg up over the competition, at least for the two years the deal runs for.


The service found great success by picking up and theatrically releasing Manchester By The Sea, garnering Academy Award nominations and victories. By comparison, Netflix have thus far stuck with releasing films straight to their service, with middling results.


The kind of titles Amazon will get first look at are The Only Living Boy In New York starring Jeff Bridges and Kate Beckinsale, and White Boy Rick starring Matthew McConaughey, which are both currently in production.


It’s fair to say Amazon has seized control of the film streaming game, but expect more deals like these to be reached by companies; the chokehold streaming is beginning to take over the film industry will surely lead to more services entering the war. Cinema as we know it is changing.



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