Amazon To Adapt ‘Paper Girls’ Into A Series | TV News

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Amazon To Adapt ‘Paper Girls’ Into A Series | TV News


Brian K. Vaughn and Cliff Chiang’s Paper Girls is the latest comic book getting a big adaptation. Amazon have snapped up the rights for a TV adaptation of the series, which follows four teenage girls who work delivering papers in the 1980s. Things get weird when they’re mysteriously transported to the future and stuck in between warring factions of time travellers.


Amazon has reportedly given the project a series commitment already. Toy Story 4 co-writer Stephany Folsom is penning the adaptation, while she’s also working on Amazon’s upcoming Lord Of The Rings series.


Paper Girls has been acclaimed for its ability to stay focused on the girls as characters, rather than lose sight of them within the mad possibilities of time travel. That will be the same challenge the TV series has to now adapt to.


Vaughan’s work has been highly praised, but has proven tricky to adapt. Hulu’s Runaways hasn’t gotten the greatest reviews, but was just renewed for a third season, and Y: The Last Man is still trudging through production. It appeared to be on the fast track at FX, especially after having shot a pilot. But a showrunner change delayed things.


Can Paper Girls be the success Vaughan and Amazon are hoping for? It’s certainly easy to see why Amazon was drawn to this material, as it has a heavy Stranger Things vibe. If Paper Girls can have similar success to that show, they’ll certainly be very happy.



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