AMC Unveils Trailer And Synopsis For ‘The Walking Dead’ Spinoff | TV News


Described as “a companion series to The Walking Dead“, AMC has released the synopsis and trailer for spinoff series Fear The Walking Dead. The series is set at the very beginning, before Rick wakes up in the hospital in the very first episode of The Walking Dead. It takes us back to when the outbreak first happened, and how things rapidly changed. The new series was created by David Erickson and Robert Kirkman, with a title cast of Ruben Blades and Mercedes Mason.


The trailer sees no sign of Walkers, but instead holds a short conversation between a mother and son about what he has heard online or at school, to which she ignores his panicked pleas of a spreading virus. Effective in introducing us to characters and building tension for the event that we are aware is going to ensue. Fear The Walking Dead will premiere on AMC at an unconfirmed date in August.




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