American Apparel Is Making A Comeback | Fashion News


The popular fashion brand American Apparel has announced its relaunching after a two year absence from the fashion industry.


The famous brand name is ready to claim its target market back by creating a new online store and by disseminating a new powerful campaign message. After being accused of promoting sexualised images of young women, American Apparel is changing its head of management and is launching the return campaign “Back To Basics“.



Cult classics are back in the campaign but this time worn by male and female models of all the different body types and all the different ethnicities.


The brand continues to invite real people of every day life to be its models and by showing their authenticity and their flaws, it spreads a powerful message. The message that we all should love our bodies as it is, be real, be confident as well as positive regardless of our body type and colour. We all should love our imperfections and embrace both positivity and diversity in our lives.









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