American-German Musician Salomea Unveils New Track ‘Umami And Lime’

The upcoming Salomea project titled Discussions has birthed her new single titled “Umami And Lime”. It’s a project inspired by the global lack of and need for genuine empathy and meaningful discussion. Through a series of talks and the diverse products that resulted, Conversations investigates and reassesses creativity, gender, representation, and community.

For this project, Rebekka Ziegler aka Salomea has invited three prominent female creatives to share their ideas on their own experiences and adventures at a pivotal time in their careers, kept awake by existential issues and reflections on the future.

Her goal is to provide a safe environment for mutual growth, one where communication is open, honest, and unrestrained by daily pressures or the shoulds and shouldn’ts of the creative profession.

“These are women I deeply respect. I did my research on their work. I didn’t want to stick to the script we – artists, women – get asked all the time”, says Salomea.

Speaking about the song itself, she adds that, “Like a prayer, I whispered the phrase over and over again. ‘Just focus on Umami & Lime’. One step at a time. To be able to handle the duties we face – as artists – as human beings. To carry them with devotion and wrap you in soothing sounds and flavours“.

Performance artist and dancer Sophie-Yukiko Hasters, writer and director Svenja Trierscheid, and fashion & jewellery designer Luise Zücker, all previously unknown to Salomea, opened up to the singer over three long sessions-turned-podcasts, questioning the very idea of community and creativity in today’s world.

The lyrics for Salomea’s song “Umami & Lime” are based on taped talks between the women.

Listen to the song here:


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