‘American Horror Story: Cult’ Trailer Is Made Of Nightmares | TV Trailer


With now just less than two weeks to go, we’ve finally caught a true glimpse of what’s to come in season 7 of American Horror Story in the official trailer for Cult. It’s not a teaser, not a promo, but it’s quite something, and shows the upcoming season in all its nightmarish glory.


The trailer opens: “what’s the thing that scares you the most?”. Ensues our first look at Sarah Paulson as Ally Mayfair-Richards, screaming at the confirmation that Donald Trump is America’s next president. This is the launchpad to the series that was promised, in an if-this-can-happen-so-can-your-worst-nightmare sort of way. And that’s exactly what does happen, Ally is forced into a paranoid frenzy. Or is it paranoia?


Ally’s partner (Alison Pill) certainly sees her behaviour as paranoia, another bout of her coulrophobia. Things get weirder when new babysitter Winter Andersen (Billie Lourd) turns up, with dread for children and a Twisty the Clown doll for Ally and Ivy’s son.


Meanwhile, blue-haired Kai (Evan Peters) is rocking out to the news of Trump’s presidency, humping the TV and seemingly beginning a train of sadistic moves. Auteur Ryan Murphy said that this is Peters’ “heaviest” and “greatest” role yet. Teens tend to take a particular liking toward the actor and his characters, but I think they might hate him after what’s to come.


Ally’s fear of clowns certainly seems to take centre stage after the election opening; the bees and holes featured in countless promos were very much missed. We also failed to get a good look at newcomers such as Billy Eichner, so there are still plenty of surprises to come.


As always, the AHS trailer keeps you on your toes, and doesn’t reveal the whole story as has become tendency in Hollywood as of late. It’s promising, and the reality of the election makes the clown-thing that more worrying.


American Horror Story: Cult hits FX September 5. Watch the trailer below.




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