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AMERY – California Love | New Music


Rising Belgian superstar Amery burst onto the scene last year with “So Good” and kept momentum strong with the reflective, tropically-flavoured “Blame” as well as a series of concerts that led him to perform in the renowned Belgian venue Ancienne Belgique. But, as summer time approaches, he is surfing on a nostalgic wave with the dreamy new “California Love“.


For “California Love”, Amery fantasizes about creating beautiful memories of the past and envisioning the good times ahead. Longtime producer James Lowland constructed the chill, magical atmosphere of the single, driven by a breezing chorus with twinkling synths and great pop sensibilities. “I picture California as a place where people pursue their different dreams and create memories”, explains the 21-year-old pop/R&B artist.


“‘California Love‘ is probably my favorite song I’ve worked on so far. Simply because it makes me feel like I can live on forever,” continues AMERY. “It’s a song that also takes you to that one place, that one moment you wish you could relive once again.”




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