Amputee Pop Star Viktoria Modesta Discusses Identity And Not Fitting In With The Guardian | Interviews


In her interview with The Guardian, Viktoria Modesta challenges the idea of identity, and shows that challenging traditional ideas about beauty is still very relevant in today’s context. She talks about how she moved from Latvia to London at the age of 12, with school life coming as a shock to her. She was outcast because of her “being foreign” and “looking different” because of her damaged left leg which was damaged at birth. This alienated her, making it feel like her soul was divided from her body leaving her with suicidal tendencies, she dropped out of the school, and began her own way through music in London’s alternative club scene.


Here are a few quotes from the interview: “I’ve been asked if I feel I represent disability, and I don’t think I do. I represent the feeling that you have a choice to create your own identity. It is more than just coming out as the first amputee music fashion artist, whatever you want to call it. It’s about taking charge of your own assets. If you don’t fit in, then don’t fit in”. Read the full interview with The Guardian here and watch her video for the song “Prototype” below as part of Channel 4’s BornRisky series, it does challenge an important prejudice that exists in sexuality, and therefore we can ask ourselves what it really means to have the freedom of culture and creativity.




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