Amsterdam Singer Celine Cairo Releases New Single ‘The Fire’ | Music News


Amsterdam-based singer and songwriter Celine Cairo has just released a new track called “The Fire”.


“The Fire” is a rather soft track, accompanied by a piano melody. Celine Cairo sings about her battles with her inner demons, femininity, and her own struggles with mental health. It’s a very moving track, which shows the vocal quality of the singer.


She has accompanied her song with a beautiful video clip, where we see her singing in a snowy landscape near a lake. The video clip perfectly illustrates the soothing and emotional tone of the song.


“The Fire” was produced in London with the help of producer Tim Bran, who has already produced big names such as Birdy and London Grammar. We can say that Celine Cairo has chosen the right producers as she is close to the musical genre of these two singers.


Celine Cairo is currently working on the release of her second album, which includes the track “The Fire”, as well as “Bird Song” and “Famous”, released in January and February of this year, both of which have accumulated over 100,000 streams to date.


The singer has been immersed in music since childhood and grew up listening to an eclectic mix of genres, she started at a young age playing guitar and writing her own songs to perform locally.


Today she has captivated millions of listeners with her unique voice, harmonious melodies, and sweet, touching storytelling.


One thing is for sure, Celine Cairo has not finished surprising us and proving her incredible talent.


Watch the music video for “The Fire” below:




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