Amy Lawton – Undone | Music Video


20-year old London-based singer Amy Lawton unveils the music video for her new single “Undone”. The visual show the young singer walking, dancing and performing on the London street during a sunny day.


Speaking about the visual, she said: “I enjoyed making a video which seemed as carefree as the song’s lyrics and reflected its upbeat nature. I was inspired by locations in East London, which I go to a lot. Regent’s Canal is my walk to the studio and Apples and Pears Bar is a place I’ve played live in a few times. Shooting the video in the daytime on busy streets was fun, sometimes it was difficult to shoot with a lot of cars and people but I like what that added to the video.”


The melody for “Undone” is inspired by Alanis Morrisette and an early Taylor Swift sound. The song is nice, simple and very enjoyable to listen. Amy Lawton explained the inspiration behind the track with this words, “The song is a kind of wild confession of someone’s real motives in a relationship, which I was inspired to write after talking to an ex-boyfriend after he showed up at one of my gigs.”


Amy will be performing live in London at The Victoria, Dalston on October 9 in support of Jesse Terry. Make sure to get the tickets. Watch the music video for “Undone” below:




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