Amy Poehler Reveals Her Greatest Fear On ‘The Tonight Show’ | TV News



Amy Poehler dropped by The Tonight Show and delivered some laughs as always. She treated us to a delightful game of truth or truth which proved to be quite an enlightening experience. Poehler began by candidly opening up to Jimmy Fallon about her greatest fear. A fear that without a doubt haunts us all, that’s if your fear revolves around Jennifer Lopez.


“Being mistaken for J-Lo”, she said. “Then being asked to dance. And dancing better than J-Lo. And J-Lo being angry. I don’t want J-Lo to be angry at me”, she concluded. “That’s my biggest fear“. (You should watch her face throughout this, it’s genius). In an equally hilarious moment, Poehler unveiled her Gmail password as one does when sat down in front of the world, “PizzaHutMonkeyButt.orgy” she revealed. Fallon also got honest, real honest, revealing a place where he’s never had sex. You’ll have to check out the video below if you want the answer to that one.




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