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If you are currently in Milan, we have an exclusive event to recommend to you: The Vogue for Milan fashion event.


Vogue for Milan is an annual gathering which allows you to discover more about fashion and have the chance to see and buy limited collections from the most famous of designers. This year, it will be held on September 13 and during the course of the night, you will be able to buy the famous Italian version of the September issue by Vogue with an exclusive designed by Andrea Tarella.


The main sponsor, Huawei will direct the show in Piazza Duomo where two of the most famous Italian pop stars are set to perform – Annalisa and Marianne Mirage with a special guest appearance by international pop star Jess Glynne. Huawei will also release a special show window with tattoo artist La Bigotta from the famous boutique in Via Sant ’Andrea, put together by Gae Aulenti.





Vogue always aims to recommend what is new on the fashion world. In fact, its partnership with Amazon will be the chance for you to discover Amazon Moda. Amazon will have a stall where you can admire some new exclusive clothes from the new season and by scanning the code, also giving you the option of buying them in advance


Vogue is not only about fashion, but culture too. In fact, its partnership with the Fashion Film Festival will guide you through the world of Italian cinema and you will be able to preview upcoming movies. If you are otherwise interested in photography, you will have the chance to see the ‘dreamlike exhibit‘ where Vogue photographers will show their work.





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