anaïs – Set In Stone | Music Video

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anaïs – Set In Stone | Music Video


anaïs is a rare soul in music. Her songs are unique, retrospective and not to be replicated by anyone, not even herself. Her visuals are colourful, deep and detailed. Right now, there couldn’t be any better example or introduction to the young singer-songwriter than with her latest video for “Set In Stone“, coming off her debut EP, Before Zero.


It’s a powerful video, directed by Sing J. Lee, who’s worked with an array of artists from Migos to Halsey. Filmed in the ‘deep south’ of Louisiana, it’s an artistic take on female puberty and the negative and positive connotations that come with it. Dated in setting, the disconnect, awkwardness and confusion of entering such a important phase of a young woman’s life is accurate yet universal.


anaïs dares to challenge the narrative and even addressing such a taboo topic in itself through the art form it is quite commendable. A well travelled soul, her eclectic artistry is a direct reflection of many different sources of inspiration as well as her heritage. If there is any video you watch today, it should definitely be this one.




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