Andrew Garfield And Maya Hawke Discover Fame In Gia Coppola’s ‘Mainstream’ | Film News


The trailer for Mainstream, Gia Coppola‘s upcoming drama starring Andrew Garfield and Maya Hawke has just been released.


The movie depicts the story of the main character Link, played by Andrew Garfield, who lives a dull and aimless life in Hollywood, and his friend Frankie, played by Hawke, who is a grieving bartender. The story starts when Frankie upload a video of Link on Youtube that goes viral. The two mates will discover and experience the benefits and the drawbacks of viral fame.


The previous director of Pablo Alto has described her movie as “a love story of being in love with someone who doesn’t love themselves set against the new emerging culture of today’s world”.


Coppola will be joined by Fred Berger, producer of the renowned La-La-Land to release this drama. He stated that “It points a mirror at the audience in terms of how we engage with other people and how we engage with social media and react to incentives that are subliminally sent to us all day long”.


We can therefore expect this film to raise important questions and current concerns about social networks and the internet, while dealing with a love story in parallel.


The premiere of Mainstream is set for May 7, meanwhile to start, you can watch the trailer here.




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