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The latest Hollywood remake is a curious one. Tony Scott‘s 1983 debut The Hunger – an arty, erotic vampire film out of step with the rest of his work – is getting a new version made by director Angela Robinson (Professor Marston And The Wonder Women) and written by Jessica Sharzer (A Simple Favour).


The original film was based on Whitley Strieber‘s novel of the same name and starred Catherine Deneuve as a centuries-old vampire who promises eternal life to her lovers through injections of her blood.


When her lover, David Bowie, begins to age rapidly, she seeks the help of Susan Sarandon‘s gerontologist to find a cure. However, the three begin a dangerous love triangle.


Even though the film is unlike Scott’s more action-centric output that defined the rest of his career, it’s a great film full of sumptuous visuals. Although it might not be particularly well-known, it’s easy to see why filmmakers would be drawn to giving it a 21st century update.


Robinson being on board makes total sense, as she previously worked as writer, director, and executive producer on another erotic vampire project – HBO’s True Blood. Sharzer has written and produced multiple episodes of American Horror Story too, so they’re the perfect duo for a dark, sensual visual feast like The Hunger.


Even though it’s easy to look at this project as another sign of practically every Hollywood project nowadays being based on existing IP, Warner Bros. actually tried remaking the film all the way back in 2009. That version didn’t get off the ground, but the idea circulated again many years later with Jennifer Lawrence and Anya Taylor-Joy potentially starring.


It’s unclear whether either of those actresses would be involved in this version, but we’ll wait and see. It will be interesting to see how this new version of The Hunger uses its vampires, as the genre is now in a very different space than it was in the early 80s.



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