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Angelina Jolie has taken a larger role behind the camera as opposed to in front of it in recent years, directing Unbroken, which failed to make the expected splash at award shows, and By The Sea, a small but solid Michelangelo Antonioni homage in which she starred alongside then-husband, Brad Pitt. After a break, Jolie is mulling her option as to what project to latch onto next.


With her Cambodian genocide drama, First They Killed My Father, premiering on Netflix later this year, some larger scale projects have caught her eye.


One that she likely won’t be involved in though is Africa, a film revolving around rhino and elephant poaching that would have re-teamed her with cinematographer, Roger Deakins, and originally was set to star Pitt. She’s now no longer involved and the project looks to be moving forward with a lower budget.


Jolie reportedly has an offer to reprise her role in Maleficent 2, while Disney is also interested in her for two potentially large scale projects: Catherine The Great & Potemkin: The Imperial Love Affair (likely without that convoluted title), and WWII drama, The Spy Who Loved, based on Clare Mulley‘s book.


Jolie turned down other sequel offers for Wanted 2 and Salt 2, while despite her interest in joining the cast of Kenneth Branagh‘s Murder On The Orient Express, production was forced to move forward without her.


Behind the camera, Jolie is reportedly preparing to adapt the novel Without Blood, a fable about the brutality of war, while Universal still hopes she’ll star in their Bride Of Frankenstein remake, but Jolie seems more interested in Sony’s Shoot Like A Girl, which tells the story of an American Air Force pilot who challenged the military’s exclusion of women from combat operations. American Sniper‘s Jason Hall is penning the script.


Basically, Jolie has fingers in lots of pies, and it’s unclear what project she’ll commit to, but frankly they all sound excellent. Life’s good when you’re rich and successful enough to pick whatever multimillion dollar project you want to be involved in next.



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