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As is customary, the coveted British Vogue cover always features some exciting people in the fashion and entertainment industry. For its March 2021 issue, British Vogue decided to interview the one and only Angelina Jolie.


Funny enough this issue will ‘celebrate’ one year of the pandemic – not really a fun celebration but we all made it here – and the issue is titled At Home With Angelina Jolie, so it’s a great occasion to see how an international star feels about the COVID-19 situation.


For this interview, the Vogue team went to Los Angeles more specifically to Los Feliz where the actress owns a beautiful villa, where her and her six kids live, with chief editor Edward Enninful conducting the interview.


The interview took place last November around the US presidential elections, which was eventually won by Joe Biden. The elections themselves were surely a stressful time for any person living in America at that period.


The interview with Angelina was based on her new projects for a new book, fashion, her UN role, her activist position, her fashion style, her feelings on the current pandemic, her role as her mother and of course her relationship with her six children, who are now actually all teenagers.


Regarding the interview itself, Edward started with some formal and basic questions and then straight away went into questioning her about her new projects.


They talked about Angelina’s passion to bring knowledge to others, to give the opportunity to get that knowledge. Angelina teamed up with Geraldine Van Bueren from QC and Amnesty International, to make a book for both children and adults titled Know Your Rights (And Claim Them)’ that will come out this September.


Another important step in being Angelina Jolie is her fights for human rights, and this year marks the 20th year with the UN Refugee Agency. Time flies. She talked about her feelings towards her relationship with this organization. How she finds it important to continue this battle.


Edward has asked quite a lot about Angelina’s role as a mother because she has an atypical family in the end. The actress seems to be like every other mother out there, having her doubts, wanting the best for her children and especially teaching them to be themselves.


Finally, the fashion topic came, Angelina has also had a great sense of fashion and beauty, with again, that conscious side. She has a project with the French luxury brand Guerlain offering training for women to become beekeepers.


Read the full interview here.



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