Angelina Jolie’s Epic ‘Cleopatra’ Finds New Writer | Film News


Angelina Jolie‘s passion project Cleopatra has been in the making for years, with James Cameron in the director’s chair at some point. Now, it seems that there is a new development at present as David Scarpa has been hired to rewrite the script.


The ambitious take on the enigmatic ruler is based on Stacy Schiff‘s bestseller Cleopatra: A Life. It discards Hollywood’s interpretations on the iconic sovereign of Egypt as a femme fatale in favor of reconstructing a profile of a shrewd strategist and ruler.


Sony has pitched the adaptation as an empowerment story, where Angelina Jolie‘s involvement makes it one of the studio top priority projects, even though budget concerns have been a major concern. The new draft is penned by David Scarpa whose last script, following the murder of former KGB spy Litvinenko was picked up by Mike Newel.


Producers Scott Rudin and Amy Pascal also remain attached to the film. In the wake of the bad reception of Exodus: Gods and Kings as well as the fairly recent Gods Of Egypt, however, it remains to be seen whether Cleopatra will go in production any time soon.



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