Anik Khan + Burna Boy – Oh My | New Music

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Anik Khan + Burna Boy – Oh My | New Music


Bangladesh-born but Queens-raised, Anik Khan impressed many with debut album Kites last year and it’s eclectic soundscape that quickly became his mark, ultimately establishing himself among New York’s loaded music scene. Marking the anniversary of his release, he gives us some fresh new music to stick our teeth into as he teams up with Nigerian superstar Burna Boy for his fusion fire track, “Oh My“.


This new track is literally right up both artists’ streets. Produced by Sango, it is personified by the South Asian influence, from the percussion and melody to the adlibs and smooth vocals courtesy of Khan – but it still has the right undertones of Hip-Hop. Burna Boy is one for experimenting and he exemplifies his versatility by riding the track with finesse as is his standard.


An ode to love, the artists croon throughout the track, hoping for endless relationships and undying bonds with their loved ones. It’s an unlikely pairing, but we hope that this is not the last time we see such a collaboration.




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