Ankle Straps Are Coming Into Trend | Fashion News

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Ankle Straps Are Coming Into Trend | Fashion News


Attico, is a fashion brand created by new and upcoming designers Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini. They’ve always been one step ahead of the fashion trends, making a name for themselves even before announcing their clothing line, due to their extravagant fashion choices over the last couple of months.


Their latest design is a buckle accessory that is to be worn around the ankle. It sounds quite bold and something that most people wouldn’t be that comfortable with wearing, yet the style sold out quickly once it was announced. The buckles were selling online at Net-A-Porter and MyTheresa. Going for £165, they must be worth something for how quickly the disappeared off the site. Due to fast demand they’re now back, in crimson, purple, black and pink.








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