Anna Leone – If You Only | Music Video

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Anna Leone – If You Only | Music Video


The Swedish singer-songwriter Anna Leone‘s music speaks to all the young wild souls, the wanderers, explorers and daydreamers. And the brand new visuals for her latest single “If You Only” perfectly match the inspirational theme.


If you only / Wanna be / Who you are again / Won’t you wake up / From your dreaming / Every now and then


Leone is alone in the video, but she doesn’t seem lonely. She’s brave, she’s free, and she’s just being herself – raw honesty is one of the key elements in her art.


The artist has recently announced the debut EP Wandered Away, which is coming out on April 20. The 5-track record will also include the successful previously released tracks “My Soul I” and “I Never Really”.


Watch the video below:



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