Anne Hathaway, Seth McFarlane, Aaron Sorkin And Netflix Sign Letter Against Anti-Gay Bill | Film News

Anne Hathaway


America: Land of the free home of the brave? Somehow that rings a little hollow the pace matters in Georgia are picking up by. I’ve already covered Disney and Marvels threat to boycott the state of Georgia over the threat of the Exercise Protection Act – a law currently waiting for the possible signature of the state Governor.


More have flocked to the growing number protesting the law that allows the state’s faith-based groups to discriminate or deny services like marriage to those of the same sex.


Anne Hathaway, Seth McFarlane, Aaron Sorkin, and streaming giant Netflix have joined Disney alongside The Walking Dead network AMC to condemn the law, urging the Governor to veto the bill. This is alongside CBS, MGM, NBC Universal, Time Warner who have all warned that they will boycott filming in the state in a letter signed by them.


The letter partially reads:


“As leaders in the entertainment industry, we have deep concerns about H.B. 757, which would sanction discrimination against LGBT people and others in Georgia.”


“The entertainment industry has a huge economic footprint in Georgia, and the choice for Governor Deal could not be any clearer: he must veto this outrageous legislation before it inflicts tremendous damage on the state. This outrageous and discriminatory legislation is an affront to the values we all share.”



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