ANOHNI – Drone Bomb Me | Music Video



ANOHNI, or Antony Hegarty, is gearing up to release her new album, Hopelessness. She has unveiled a preview for the album in the form of “Drone Bomb Me”, which is accompanied by a provocative video starring supermodel Naomi Campbell.


Campbell and ANOHNI were introduced to each other through art director Riccardo Tisci. Regarding the video, Nabil serves as its director. ANOHNI revealed that the lyrics are from the perspective of a young girl whose family has been killed in a drone attack. Looking up at the sky, all she wants is to join them in similar fashion.


The song begins with bleak and ominous rumbles of keyboard, then the song kicks in with yet more layers of sound; changing the mood slightly, but still the theme is hopelessness. The video sees Campbell in tears over the aforementioned casualties of war. She is joined by dancers who appear to be choreographing Matrix-esque movements, as if to be trying to dodge drone bombs that hail down on them like machine gun fire bullets.




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