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Anomalie – Métropole | New Music


Anomalie has released his brand new instrumental EP Métropole to bless our ears.


The 22 year old prodigy, Nikolas Dupuis, leads the EP with ease and sophsistication showcasing production skills well beyond his years. Blending elements of trap, hip hop, funk, jazz, classical and electronic, Anomalie has created a gorgeous concotion of sounds. Silky smooth and full of depth, from the piano to the funky guitar, Anomalie certainly has an infectious, hectic yet effortless sound and a clear love for his craft.


Dupuis, a young pianist from Montreal, shows a strong dedication to music after 17 years of studying classical and jazz piano. A growing buzz surrounds the prodigy having already released his self-titled debut EP in 2014 and garnering 2 million views on Facebook for his performance videos.


Since then gone on to release his song “Odyssée” on independent label, Lowtemp and has supported Lowtemp’s founder and Slovenian hip-hop producer, Gramatik, as a pianist during his live shows.


Already releasing two singles, from the new EP (“Velours” and “Ouverture“), Anomalie and Métropole are already gaining a lot of attention with Nest HQ describing his track, “Velours,” as “[strutting] with an assuredness and purpose that belies Anomalie’s background as a classically-trained keyboardist, savoring its journey and providing a lighthouse to the fleets of future bass producers adrift at sea.


Live For Music also rightfully highlights Anomalie’s distinct sound: “...what sets Anomalie apart from other producers is his ability to maintain a laid-back sound while still crafting a complex composition that is rife with dramatic tension and playfully utilizes sonic layering, dynamics, and syncopation to create dramatic tension all the while showing off his penchant for the keyboard.


Clearly, there is some special about Anomalie.


So, have a listen to his brand new EP Métropole down below.



Make sure you check more of Anomalie‘s music here.



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