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Music has been part of Anthony da Costa since an early age. For the first time, he felt the need to write down the music that was hiding inside himself at the age 13, playing it out anywhere he could.


Then, his career developed travelling from New York City, to Nashville and living enough experiences that have shaped his style as a musician and led to countless opportunities and collaborations. Even though during these year, he has been part of many musical collaborations, the strongest desire he had was to write and release songs of his own.


His desire finally came to a realisation when he met up with long-time friend and producer Kenneth Pattengale (The Milk Carton Kids), and made what will be his next solo record, called Feet On The Dashboard.


“Sooner Than Later” is the first song from his forthcoming album where he opens up to talk about the end of a relationship that maybe should have never started. “…But sometimes, we have a hard time not being the moth to the flame“, he sings.


His voice sings with an impressive self confidence while his vocals reach the highest notes. The charismatic voice of Anthony is perfectly seated with the guitar riffs that are adaptable enough to be scratchy and soft depending on the vibe of the song, by changing easily on the powerful drums.


Listen to the song below:




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